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Tooth Reshaping And Creating Your Perfect Smile

There has been notable progress made in modern Dentistry over the past decades. Cosmetic dentists are now capable of delivering results that are better than ever before. Whether you’re living with crooked teeth, gum disease, cavities, or discolored teeth, there are treatment options available to improve the appearance of your smile. Dental professionals can create beautiful, seamless smiles for their patients using modern materials and skills. The materials used play a significant part in determining how cosmetic treatment results turn out. Modern materials allow for color matching, tooth reshaping, and complete restorations of an individual’s smile.

Tooth Reshaping And Creating Your Perfect Smile

Tooth reshaping hasn’t always been an easily applied tool in your dentist’s toolkit. Modern innovations in this area have made it possible for dentists to reshape your teeth to produce beautiful smiles effectively. The primary goal of cosmetic treatments is often to restore a natural appearance to your smile after injury or decay. Gummy smiles, chipped teeth, misaligned teeth, and malformed (misshapen) teeth are a problem anyone can face. While these concerns may seem cosmetic, they can contribute to oral health concerns. Consider a chipped tooth, for instance. These teeth have less enamel on them, the chip creating a vulnerability where decay can set in. Misaligned teeth aren’t just a cosmetic concern. The misalignment provides additional nooks and crannies that biofilms (plaque and tartar/calculus) and food debris can build up. Even with careful brushing, these areas can be sheltered against your brushing efforts. It’s also more difficult to floss between these teeth. For this reason, it’s said that many cosmetic treatments provide preventative oral health benefits to the patient. Tooth reshaping comes with the following benefits to the patient:

  • Tooth-Shade Technology – Modern bonding resins are formulated to be tinted to match the color of your teeth. This means the reshaping process is nearly invisible to the casual observer. Flawless oral beauty and dental health can be yours with this treatment.
  • Preserves Enamel Strength – Most cosmetic procedures require the removal of enamel from the living tooth to restore it. The bonding resins used in dental reshaping can protect the underlying enamel, reinforce cracks, and hide chips, providing cosmetic and structural benefits to your teeth.
  • Simple Repair – When a problem occurs with an area treated with dental resin, it’s easy to repair. The dentist needs to prepare the surface and apply resin to reseal the area and restore your desired shape and appearance.

These benefits have led to dental bonding, a prevalent option for restoring oral health and appearance.

Consult Your Dentist About Dental Reshaping

Correcting oral health concerns is essential to preventing the onset of dental and gum decay. Even when there are no present oral health concerns, cosmetic issues can serve as a launching pad for decay to set in. This means you must communicate with your dental provider about these concerns. They’ll perform an exam and determine if any form of cosmetic or dental treatment is necessary to protect your teeth from damage.

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